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Maddie bedroom is revealed

Kate 'fell silent' in police quiz

MADDIE McCann's mother Kate refused to answer 48 questions when probed by police

THE bedroom which Maddie McCann vanished from was revealed today.

Thousands of police files into the disappearance of Maddie were made public tonight - including photos of the McCanns' Portugal apartment.

Rex in hell over forced solitude

Lock lips ... randy pair snog through bars

Lock lips ... randy pair snog through bars

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FURIOUS Rex and lover Nicole were on the verge of quitting Big Brother last night over their forced separation.

While Rex, 24, lounged in the Heavenly side of the house, Nicole was languishing in Hell.

And now he has told show bosses that the pair will walk out together if things do not change.

Airhead ... Nic cradles cuppa

Airhead ... Nic cradles cuppa

Yesterday the Heaven and Hell housemates were swapped around. Nicole, 19, and Rex plotted to fail Big Brother’s task and end up in Hell together — but their plan backfired and they now face separation for another seven days.

When Rex heard the news he kicked the divide, yelling: “Oh for f***’s sake.”

Nicole was smuggled into the house on Friday night after Luke’s eviction.


Rex had moaned constantly about how he missed his “gorgeous” girlfriend, and was thrilled when she surprised him by entering the house.

But when she was immediately thrown into Hell, the pair became more and more frustrated — even resorting to kissing through a fence.

Yesterday, as BB announced the shake-up, they came up with a plan to flunk the task. The wannabes were asked to recite the alphabet backwards and warned that the three housemates with the slowest times would spend the week in Hell.

While airhead Nicole managed to drag her rendition out to a whopping nine minutes, competitive Rex accidentally completed the task in less than 2½ minutes.

His blunder meant he automatically qualified to be a Heavenly housemate and left Nicole trapped in Hell with just Kat and Mikey for company.

Distraught Rex then ran to the Diary Room to beg Big Brother to let him join his girlfriend. The cut-up chef even offered to forfeit his possessions to make the swap.

Their life on the poutside ... Rex and Nicole

Their life on the poutside ... Rex and Nicole


But vain Nicole did not feel the same. Big Brother has already confiscated her suitcase after she broke the rules and leapt into the Heavenly part of the house to embrace Rex.

Now the bottle blonde is so distraught she has told Big Brother she would rather have her make-up back than be reunited with her boyfriend.

Rex, meanwhile, is getting more and more paranoid as Nicole drops hints that she has heard sordid revelations about his sex life.

Last night the chef broke down in the Diary Room, telling Big Brother he fears he will lose his girlfriend “on national TV”, adding: “That f***ing sucks.”

But that was not the only time the loaded chef became emotional yesterday.

After receiving a letter from his millionaire dad, the red-faced housemate broke down sobbing.

The message said: “It’s a lot quieter at home . . . I’ve got no one to yell at for playing the piano at five in the morning. Hurry home.”

Last week, Maysoon walked out of the house after just 25 days on the show. Will more housemates walk?

Battling on the rugby pitch

Tricia Wickwire of the Mountaineers women’s team gets a grip on a Doylestown player during opening round action in the social division at the 35th annual Can-Am Rugby Tournament. Wickwire and her teammates suffered a 10-5 sudden-death overtime loss in the match, which was played at the Spencer Boatworks fields.
(Enterprise photo — Lou Reuter)

Wrestling 2008 imagini Photo FOTO Wrestling 2008

Batista the most impressive man

Batista is the one of the most impressive physical specimens in the sport's history, Batista clearly has the potential to dominate like few before him.

WWE Wrestler Edge

Edge is very happy after put down the Triple H in the ring

the Kane

John Cena

John Cena- The most confident, stylish, attractive wrestler ever in WWE

The tuff man Undertaker

In the WWE cage fight Undertaker giving a tight punch to batista

Randy Orton and Jericho

Randy Orton and jericho in the WWE ring, jericho having a few words with the Randy Orton

Winner Umaga

After winning the match Umaga raised his hand in the ring.

The Biggest Exclusive Of the Year Brad And Angelina Introduce TWINS

Poze cu gemenii Angelina Jolie şi Brad Pitt

Dupa ce Angelina Jolie şi Brad Pitt au vandut primele fotografii a gemenilor cu 14 milioane dolari revistelor People si Hello a sosit si momentul mult asteptat de catre toata lumea, publicarea primelor poze cu gemenii cuplului Angelina Jolie şi Brad Pitt. Imaginile copiilor lui Angelina Jolie şi Brad Pitt, Vivienne si Knox Jolie-Pitt, de numai 3 saptamani, au fost publicate ieri, 3 august, online pe pagina, iar astazi au aparut online in si in versiune tiparita in cele doua publicatii mentionate.
Pozele gemenilor cuplului Angelina Jolie şi Brad Pitt sunt prezentate ca si album de familie pe coperta revistei People.
Vivienne Marcheline si Knox Leon prin aparitia lor, cred ca au gastigat mai multi bani decat parintii lor in unele cazuri. Bucurati-va mai jost de primele poze cu gemenii Angelina Jolie şi Brad Pitt.

Poze cu gemenii Angelina Jolie si Brad Pitt
Poze cu gemenii Angelina Jolie si Brad Pitt

Primele fotografii cu copii cuplului Angelina Jolie si Brad Pitt

Primele fotografii cu copii cuplului Angelina Jolie si Brad Pitt

Sisu & Puya - Camin fericit

Versuri "Sisu & Puya - Camin fericit"
Part 1 :

Timpul trece si toate la timpul lor
Copii ajunsi si ei sa aiba copii lor
La 20 ma gandeam prea putin la viitor
Si prea mult la ce tarfe sa bag in dormitor ..
Poate asa o sa ramana pana o sa mor
E urat la belea sa nu vina nimeni la vorbitor
Ai fost fratele meu de bautur iti amintesti ?
Cluburi , panarame acum povesti
Acum impingi carutul , fata ta in el
Sotia te asteapta cu mancarea , e altfel
In cartier baietii te cheama la combinatii ,
Razi cand iti aduci aminte ce le-am facut la altii
Unii spun ca te-ai inmuiat eu stiu ca ai caminul fericit la care ai visat
Acum pusti vin din spate , nu te cunosc
Vorbesc prost ca noi odata stiu cum a fost

Refren :

Stiu cand voi fi pe drumul meu
Amintirile raman mereu
Stiu asa se va intampla
Cand voi avea familia mea

Cand voi fi pe drumul meu
Amintirile raman mereu
Stiu ca asa se va intampla
Cand voi avea familia mea

Part 2 :

Daca ar fi sa o luam dupa noi
Niciodata nu e timpul sa ai un copil sau doi
Azi nu ai bani , maine vrei sa fii avansat
Asta inseamna ca nici noi nu am fi existat
Prioritatile sau schimbat la 180 grade
Brigada e aici , dar tu esti departe
Te invidiez umpic , recunosc
Insa stilul meu de viata parca imi da un rost
Fiecare lucru isi are vremea potrivita ,
Si fiecare varsta isi are nebunia ei deoclipa
Inca mai am probleme atunci cand ma exprim
Greu cand nu reusim sa spunem ce simtim
Noi nu o sa fim asemeni caminelor din care venim
O sa traim frumos asa cum stim
Fara venin , urat si probleme acasa
Noi avem ce altii doar viseaza

Refren :

Stiu cand voi fi pe drumul meu
Amintirile raman mereu
Stiu asa se va intampla
Cand voi avea familia mea

Cand voi fi pe drumul meu
Amintirile raman mereu
Stiu ca asa se va intampla
Cand voi avea familia mea

Part 3 :

Vreau sa rad cu tine , vreau sa plang cu tine
Vreau sa traiesc jur , vreau sa mor cu tine
Vreau sa avem copii , vreau sa avem o viata
Vreau sa termin o etapa , a ta e in fata
Nu conteaza altii doar ce simte inima
Ori sa rada dar vor gandi la fel la varsta mea
Casa e goala , asteapta rase de copii
Abia astept sa ma trezeasca in MIEZU NOPTI
Abia astept in biserica sa stam
Sa iti fac rochia de mireasa ,
Nunta care o visam
Sa ne plimbam calm si santrope ,
Stiu asta vreau sa fie luna ta de miere
Daca nu acum cu tine , atunci niciodata
Nu am cuvinte pentru o alta fata
Oana , sti ca asa e scris
Asta e caminul fericit care l-am vazut in vis

Refren :

Stiu cand voi fi pe drumul meu
Amintirile raman mereu
Stiu asa se va intampla
Cand voi avea familia mea

Cand voi fi pe drumul meu
Amintirile raman mereu
Stiu ca asa se va intampla
Cand voi avea familia mea

-= Sisu si Puya =- Camin Fericït ...